Monday, August 08, 2011

New Style!

                                               Hello my loves,
   So how has your day been up to? Mine not really interesting. As usual today, I bored myself out with 4 hours of private lessons; 2 hours English and another 2 hours Systems of Knowledge. You may have not heard of the latter subject but here in Malta it is a compulsory subject and sometimes it really is a pain in the ass. In the Systems of Knowledge we learn about Democracy, Art, Science and Technology and the Environment. 

   If you noticed, well actually you sure did, I changed the layout and style of my blog. Do you like this one or do you prefer the other one?

   My favourite song at the moment is Adele's 'Someone like you'. I really love this one, the song and Adele's voice are amazing! Do you agree? Is this also your fav song at the moment? If not which are you loving at the moment?


                                                  Berry Blush

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