Wednesday, August 31, 2011


                                             Hello there Beauts!
   I know I am being a bit AWOL at the moment but as I previously stated in my other posts these 4 days are my exam days and I am constantly studying all day - no joking, so I don't really have time to think or write some posts for you. 

   Today's post is kind of randomish but I thought I'd show you something that I really loveee - Winnie the Pooh and this lovely comes in a form of a money box. A few years back I really was crazzzyyy about Winnie the Pooh. I think it was my 15/16th birthday but I recall that  the majority of my presents were something of Winnie the Pooh - notebook, magnet, pencils, stickers, shower gel, soft toy. I know, I can be quite childish some times! haha. 

 Front and Back 

   I actually have 2 of them and I use these money boxes for small money and tips from work. They really were cheap - 2 euros for both. A pro or a con, depends on your liking, is that you cannot open or close it with a key or something. The only way to open it without destroying it is with a tin opener. Then you can use it as a pencil holder or to put something important in it. 


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Monday, August 29, 2011

FOTD - Sparkly Pink + OOTD

                                          Hello there Beauts!
   Before I am off to study, I'd thought I'd show you the outfit and the make-up I wore yesterday. My mum, dad and I decided to go to the feast of St Julians but we could not find any parking space so we had to go somewhere else. We went to Gzira (a few minutes away by car) and ate at the Basilico. Mum ordered some pasta, dad Cannelloni and I ordered BBQ Chicken pizza. As a dessert we took Banoffee Pie and Cherry Cheese Cake. 


  • Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 hour Foundation in Soft Beige no 200
  • Elf All Over Cover Stick in Ivory no 3205 (as a concealer)
  • Essence eyeshadow in Dance all Night no 02 (as a highlighter) 
  • Revlon Blusher in Sunkissed Bronzed no 02
  • La Femme Bronzer no 02 


  • The pink and purple shade from the Inglot palette (you can watch the palette from here. Sorry for not giving you the number but I cannot remove them from the palette!)
  • Max Factor Colour Perfection Eyeliner in Black no 20
  • Inglot Body Sparkles no 71
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner in Black Glamour no 001
  • Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Aqua Flash no 05 (for the brows)
  • Max Factor High Definition Mascara in Rich Black no 9313

  • Deborah Lippie no 5


                                      Dress: Peacocks 
                                      Wedges: New Look 
                                      Necklace: Stradivarious
                                      Braclet: Stradivarious
                                      Earrings: Accesorize


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Friday, August 26, 2011

MUA Professional Heaven and Earth Palette Giveaway

                                              Hello there pretty Ladies!
   Chloe at BlushCrush is giving a giveaway, those who are interested should check it out, it's amazing! To enter click here

   * Photo taken from BlushCrush.


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hand Creams

                                             Hello Lovelies!
   At the moment as hand creams I'm using Moist 24 Manuka Honey by Missha and Tea tree and Lime. The Tea tree and lime was a three pack present from one of my good friends - it included a body lotion (which I use it for my hands), body scrub and body shower gel. The Missha hand cream was purchased by me but I forgot the price as I got it weeks ago. 

Top: Missha  Bottom: Tea tree and Lime

   Lime or Mint is one of my favourite scents, although there are others of course but if I had to choose one of these hand creams, I would definitely choose the Manuka Honey - Missha because it's texture is a lot better and more creamy. You can notice this from the photo above. Apart from that, they are both good and makes your skin soft. 


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


                                   Hello there my lovely Beauts!
   Yesterday I told you that today I was going to have my licence test and happily I'd love to tell you that I PASSED! At first I was really calm as I was there like a half an hour early as before I had my private lesson and it wasn't worth it going home and after a few minutes later go back. Anyways, the butterflies came as my examiner came towards me and my learner. The test was really short and in fact I thought that I had not passed. I could not believe what my ears heard! haha .. OH the Joy of getting the licence! Now, I only have the car left. I'm thinking of getting a Beetle (and my dad is nagging me to get a Toyota Vitz) but at the moment here in Malta I have not found one that I really like so I think I'm going to ship one from London. We'll see! 

   I'd love to get a Convertible one but because the roof of the car is made of fabric, I'm afraid that someone will tear it with a pocket knife and I don't wish to risk it because it would cost me a lot of money to repair and if I have some stuff inside they could get stolen too. Anyways, once I get my car I will blog about it and show you which one I chose :D


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


                                              Hello there Beauts!
   I'm sorry for being AWOL this past week but at the moment I am really busy with my private lessons, mock tests, studying and my exams are in a week! On the other hand tomorrow I have my license test which I should be happy about as I waited far too long for them to give me a date but now I am really nervous and have been for about a week now. Well, hope I'd be calmer during the test so I can pass!

   Anyways, today I had some errands to do for the school I applied for if I won't have enough grades for University and as I was already outside and near the Superstore/Supermarket I went to buy some ingredients for the cake I am planning to do. And knowing me, if I intend to buy just the things I need, I always find something else to buy! This is what I found:

   As I need to organise my stuff because my room is getting messy while I passed one of the rows of the supermarket, I saw this basket on a shelf and decided to take it. At the moment, I am using it to store my skin care products, body scrubs and hand creams. The price for this basket is 7.95 euros. 

   When I saw E.L.F products in the supermarket I was kind of shocked and excited at the same time. I was not aware that this supermarket was stocking on E.L.F products and as I was there I chose a lippie and all cover stick for 1.99 euros each. 

   I chose this lippie in Gypsy and it's no is 7704. As the package says:  " Long Lasting colour and shine. Hydrates, conditions and softens on contact.  Soothes and smooths lips. Directions: Apply to lips and blend in colour for total lip saturation. Re-apply as often as desired."

   Again I chose this all cover stick in Ivory and it's no is 3205. As the package says: " Smooths and protects skin while camouflaging problem facial areas. Full coverage under eye and facial spot concealer. Infused with active skin polymers. Smooth, flawless application. Will not crease when blended properly with E.L.F Professional Blending Brush. Directions: Twist stick and apply liberally to face, eyes and/or lips. Tips: For best results, use daily with Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 and Clarifying Pressed Powder."


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Thursday, August 18, 2011


                                       Hello there Beauts!
   Sadly today I finished the last episode of Smallville. If someone has not watched it yet is about Superman and his adventures and I would recommend you to watch as it's amazing! I really love watching series. This last episode and the part were Lois and Clark walk down the aisle together to get married was breathtaking! Seriously, who would not want to be held by Clark Ken, or else better Tom Welling? 

                                        Sorry for the heavy load of photos! 
   Have you watched it? If yes, do you like it? And those who haven't seen it yet, are you considering to start this series? 


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fish Lounge

                                       Hello there girls!
   Not so long ago, I have read on a blog that I follow (sorry I forgot the blog's name) about this fish treatment for your feet. Now, they opened also in Malta and it's called The Fish Lounge as the blog title itself says. Anyways, I thought it was quite interesting and I'm thinking of trying it.

   As the leaflet says:

   What is it all about?
   'Fish Therapy' is a natural skin treatment, originating in Turkey, where it has been practiced for centuries. A very special type of fish called Garra Rufa is used to simultaneously exfoliate and massage your feet.

   What are the benefits?
   These fascinating little fish give you a natural pedicure as they gently suck away unwanted dead skin and open your pores, leaving your feet feeling much softer, refreshed and healthy. While doing that, they softly massage your feet, stimulate acupuncture points and increase the blood circulation. This helps regulate the nervous system, relaxes the body and releases fatigue. Other than that, the treatment eases and heals the symptoms of numerous skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Last but not least, it is a truly fascinating and fun experience that will definitely put a smile on your face.

   Does it hurt?
   Not at all! The fish have no teeth, and just gently 'vacuum clean' your dead skin. It feels like your feet are suspended in bursting bubbles. This might feel slightly ticklish at first, as it then turns into a relaxing foot massage. 

   Can I catch any disease?
   No! These fish cannot transfer disease to humans. You will wash your feet and have them checked by our staff before the treatment. Everyone gets a personal dedicated water tank with a powerful UV-filtration system which sterilizes all the water every 6 minutes, ensuring the utmost hygiene for you and the fish!

   Would you give this treatment a try? And those who already tried this, what's your feedback about this treatment?

   Watch out for another blog about The Fish Lounge of me going and trying this treatment!


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


                                               Hello there Beauts!
   It's been a while since I made an OOTD and today I thought I'd do the OOTD that I wore last Friday for my Girl's Night Out. 

Top: New Look
Tank Top: Nove
Shorts: New Look
Wedges: New Look
Braclet: New Look
Earrings: Acessorize


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gossip Girl

                                  Hello there ladies!
   I am sure you have heard of Gossip Girl if not WATCH IT because you're missing out, seriously! 

   Anyways, one of my favourite character from the show is Serena - real name Blake Lively. I find her really talented and love to watch her acting on the show. One thing I really adore about her is her Style! She wears gorgeous clothes and if I had the opportunity half if not all of my wardrobe would be filled with her clothes. Whatever clothing is in fashion looks good on her!  

                                        Here's some photos!

   * Photos are taken from Google. 

                               So what do think of her style? 


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Thursday, August 11, 2011


                                     Hello there again, 
   I know this is the second post for today but it will compensate for tomorrow as I won't have time to switch on my lappy. I have a full day planned tomorrow. Firstly I have a 2 hour English private lesson, then I thought I'd spend some time at my grannies and later in the evening I'm going to have a ladies night with some of my girls! 

   Anyways, to the topic of today, I thought I'd post to you about Veet Face. 

   And I have to say that I was quite disappointed with these wax strips. I used these wax stripes for my upper lip and they did not give me any result - that is the hair on my upper lip remained there or else very few came out. It may also be because it was my first try using them. Maybe I used try them again. 

   What do you think I should do, give them another chance or stick to my cream hair removal? What brand do you use?


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Blackcurrant Jelly!

                                           Hello there,
   For Summer one of my favourite dessert/treat is jelly and it is really easy to do. So today, I thought I'd show you how to do it! Usually some packets like the Hartley's have instructions on them. 

   If your packet does not have any instructions this is all you have to do. 

       1. Sprinkle contents of sachet into a jug of 285ml(1/2pt) boiling water.
       2. Stir until dissolved and then make up to 570ml (1pt) with cold water. 
       3. Pour into a mould or serving dishes and refrigerate to set. 
                (makes 4 portions/servings)
       NB: Adding pineapple, kiwi or papaya fruit will prevent jelly from setting.

   And if you want to try something different (I haven't tried it yet):

      For a wonderful fizzy jelly dissolve Hartley's Jelly in 150 ml hot water. Then add 420 ml cold diet lemonade 
       and leave to set. 

       or go to:

   I'd like to say that words written in a small font are not my words but are instructions written on the Hartley's packet. Thanks


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bags/Purses/Clutches ♡

                                                Hello there Beauts!
   Today I thought I'd show you all my bags. Actually I'm going to show you the clutches as those are the ones I use a lot. I use the big ones for the beach and for my private lessons - with being that said I don't really own many large bags just a few and they aren't that pretty. I have a really large collection of clutches as I love them too much and they are really handy to keep small and few things which are good for partying. 

                         Have fun watching these gorgeous little baggies!

Top: L-R where bought some years ago from the market but I don't actually use them anymore
Bottom: L-R  from Dorothy Perkins, Accesorize  

Top: L-R both from New Look
Bottom: L-R from New Look and the leopard print one I bought like 2 years ago from Sweden; sorry forgot the name of the shop!

Top: L-R from New Look, Things
Bottom: L-R from Debenhams, the black one was a present from one of my friends from Australia

Both clutches from New Look. Really love the red one as it has the shape of a bow and makes it unique and glammy!

   Those are my lovely clutches. I'm thinking of buying a new white and silver ones to replace my old ones. What do you think of my clutches, you love them as much as I do?


   Of the record, Hannah Paton from is giving an amazing giveaway! Don't miss it! To enter click here


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Monday, August 08, 2011

New Style!

                                               Hello my loves,
   So how has your day been up to? Mine not really interesting. As usual today, I bored myself out with 4 hours of private lessons; 2 hours English and another 2 hours Systems of Knowledge. You may have not heard of the latter subject but here in Malta it is a compulsory subject and sometimes it really is a pain in the ass. In the Systems of Knowledge we learn about Democracy, Art, Science and Technology and the Environment. 

   If you noticed, well actually you sure did, I changed the layout and style of my blog. Do you like this one or do you prefer the other one?

   My favourite song at the moment is Adele's 'Someone like you'. I really love this one, the song and Adele's voice are amazing! Do you agree? Is this also your fav song at the moment? If not which are you loving at the moment?


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Sunday, August 07, 2011

That Wednesay Night!

                                      Hello there Beauts!
   I know this post is a bit late but I had to wait for my friends to upload the pictures. Anyways, as I previously told you Wednesday we went to Bugibba. First we had some ice-cream and I have to say I'm a REAL PIGGY as I had a 3 scoop ice-cream and didn't even eat it all hahaha! After that, we went to Victoria's Pub for some cocktails and karaoke but sadly enough we didn't go to the bumping cars. I think we all forgot because I remembered when I arrived back home! After an amazing night me and one of my friends Chrissie felt hungry and ate a pizza between us. 

                          Now on to the photos! Enjoy watching.

Me and Chrissie near the sea front.

Don't mind my serious face! but this photo was taken to show the make-up of the night. 

My first try of the bow hairstyle. It's easy, comfy and really amazing.  My bow isn't that big like the picture I uploaded in the previous post but my hair isn't that long. 

Noella and me at the Bugibba square in front of Victoria's Pub.  

The delicious ice-cream! 

The first cocktails - Pina Colada and Apple Martini

The girls!

Us again - Noella joined in.

Singing I'm a believer. 

Last two cocktails - Strawberry Mojito and Sex on the Beach.

                                        Make-up used:
                       Rimmel Lasting Finish no 200 Soft Beige
                       Max Factor Creme Puff no 13 Nouveau Beige
                       Essence Forget it! 3 in 1 concealer
                       Revlon no 2 Sunkissed Bronze Blusher
                       La femme Bronzing Powder no 2
          Essence eyeshadow no 2 Dance all Night (as a highlighter)

                       Rimmel eyeshadow no 214 Jet Black
                       Essence eyeshadow no 3 Star light
                       Max Factor Colour Perfection Eyeliner no 20 Black
   Rimmel Glam eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner no 001 Black Glamour
                       Max Factor Masterpiece High Definition Mascara 

                       Max Factor Lipstick no 610 Angel Pink 

                                        What I'm wearing:

                                           Top: New Look
                                           Shorts: Jennyfer
                                           Bag: New Look
                                           Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
                                           Earrings: Accessorize