Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Kitty Raspberry Muffins

                                         Hello there
   Today I felt like baking some muffins and went out to buy some ready mix muffins as I didn't feel like doing them from scratch and as before I had  saw these Hello Kitty Raspberry Muffins  packets, I was dying to try them out. So voila!

                                 They were really easy to do! 

   As the packet was going to expire next month there was a special offer when buying this packet you'd also get a packet of Hello Kitty Cake Loaf which of course was a bonus! 

   The packet contained - mix for muffins, pink sugar frosting mix, a sheet of decorative wafers and 12 muffin cases (I only used 10 muffin cases).

 The below information is taken from the back of the packet and I take no credit whatsoever.

   Just add: 100g cooking oil and 100g water = 110ml cooking oil and 110ml water 
                                      with the mix for muffins

1. Prepare the muffins
Place the 12 muffin cases in a baking tray. Preheat  oven (see below). Pour mix into a mixing bowl, add water and oil. Whisk everything together with a hand mixer for approx. 2 minutes until smooth in consistency.

2. Fill in and bake the mix
Use 2 tablespoons to evenly distribute mix in the muffin cases. Bake on middle level for approx. 20 minutes. After baking, allow muffins to cool on a cake grid. 

3. Decorating the muffins
Pour the pink sugar frosting mix into a small bowl, carefully add 3 tablespoons of water (20ml) and stir to create a thick glazing paste. Use a teaspoon to spread this frosting evenly on top of the muffins (1 teaspoonful per muffin) and create a smooth surface. Carefully remove the Hello Kitty figures from the wafer sheet. Use a knife to cut a small slot into the top of the muffin and stick a figurine into the slot.

Top-/bottom heat: approx. 180 degrees celsius, Gas Mark 4
Fan assisted heat: approx. 160 degrees celsius
Preheat oven! Bake for approximately 20 minutes.

                   Before putting the mix in the oven to bake.

                     Out from the oven! Now on to the decorations. 
   As I don't like the frosting instead I spread jam on top of the muffins and to make the muffins more fancy I added some millions and thousands (vermicelli) and some small chocolate decorations in the form of hearts, stars, and moon. 

                                         The final product!
   I really liked these muffins so if you try them out, do tell me. I would like to hear your opinions on these. 

   Have you tried something similar? If so, what were they? Or do you have an entire different recipe? 

                                                                                                          Berry Blush

Sunday, February 12, 2012


                                         Hello there
   Hope things are all fine! I know I have been writing a lot of apologies posts but at the moment I wasn't up to writing any blogs, doing some cool stuff/ going anywhere or taking the photos of the not-so-recent-anymore purchases that I made as a few days later from my last post my grand dad passed away.

   I was really really close with my grand dad, he was like a second dad to be and when I heard that he had left us, everything felt like falling apart. I was sad, cranky,felt really lonely and couldn't believe that he has left me. Sometimes I'm still in denial thinking that I would see my grand dad soon but well I still need to adjust. 

   He has been sick for a lot of time, like 10 years? After recovering from an illness, another one comes up. Sometimes it's a relief that he has passed away because he is not suffering anymore although I miss him terribly! But well that's life. 

   One precious dream-wish I had because I knew that it could not come true as we (meaning me and my family) knew that he did not have a lot of time with us when he got his last chronic disease was the he would accompany/ be present at my some day wedding!

   Anyways, all in all I have a lot of precious memories which I cherish  from when I was kid and I do not regret having spent all this time with him and getting to know him.


   I promise I will get back to you soon with the photos I had to take last month! I have also bought new stuff from New Look which I will take photos of too and post about them. 

   Coming up next, next weekend I am going to Gozo - a small island near Malta that forms part of Malta, for Carnival which I will post about with photos of Gozo, the costume, make-up and the stuff my friends and I will get up to do there. 

                                               Keep tuned!


Last thing I'd like to dedicate this song to my lovely Grand dad and to our loved ones that have passed away.

                                                                                                          Berry Blush