Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Presents

                                      Hello there Beauts!
   I'd like to wish all of you a Happy Christmas and soon to be a Happy New Year! I know I'm a bit late to wish you a happy Christmas but this year I'm not feeling that christmassy and also I do not feel much like celebrating as my grandpa is at the hospital and I'm worried sick about him.

   Anyways, I thought I'd show you all the presents that I got this year. 

   I also got some money from my grandparents and my auntie and a handbag that I forgot to include in the photos. 

   I am also loving the piggy. I'm thinking of using the piggy as a decoration instead of a money box. Oh and the half eaten chocolate is supposed to be a chocolate Santa Claus! I'm sorry but I couldn't resist not having a bite, well more than just one bite :o).


   Did you enjoy your Christmas? What were you up with? What about your presents? Do you love them?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOTD - Nude It! Review

                                     Hello there Beauts!
   I'm sorry for the lack of posts but lots of things have happened at the time, with work and visiting my darling grandpa at the hospital. Recently I went Christmas shopping with my mum and auntie and other days with my friends but I didn't have time to photograph all the stuff I purchased and as I had already prepared a review on one of my newly purchased nail polish, I thought I'll blog about it.

   From the first coat I applied, immediately I loved the colour. As I have not been disappointed with the other Essence nail polishes, this too was a charm as the polish started to chip after a week/week and a half. (In the photo 2 of the nails are slightly chipped but the photo was taken last Thursday).

   I would rate the polish 5/5 as I liked both the colour and the staying power. 

* About the nail art stickers; they're something that I purchased recently which would be included in the next post about my recent purchases.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NOTD - Irreplaceable Review

                                       Hello there Beauts!
   This past few days, I was wearing Essence's Irreplaceable nail polish. This is the second time that I am using Essence nail polishes and I am noticing that they have a really good staying power. 

   First I applied Rimmel Nail Rescue as a hardener and base coat. Later I applied two coats of Essence Irreplaceable nail polish and after that I applied another coat of the Rimmel Nail Rescue as a top coat. Although the nail polish is a nice sparkly nude at first I was a bit disappointed because the colour was not how I imagined it but as the days passed and the nail polish wore on me, I started to like it. 

                   Photos, one with flash and the other without flash:

   One of the thing that nagged me about this nail polish was that when I removed it with Nee nail polish remover the small glitters stuck to my hands. 

   Because of that and the fact that the colour was not how I imagined it to be (even though I like it), I give it the rating of: 4/5.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Staff Party 2011

                                     Hello there Beauts!
   As I have wrote you in one of my previous blog posts, today I am going to upload for you some of the photos from this year's staff party. As a venue we chose Hard Rock Cafe in Baystreet St Julians for our dinner where after all of us ate, we danced on the tables. I don't know if other Hard Rock Cafe's around the world do this as well but after everyone has eaten or almost eaten and it is 11 o'clock in the evening the customers can dance on the tables. After that we went to loose some steam in Paceville and danced the night away. Unfortunately, I still don't have the photos while we were in Paceville and I really don't know when they are going to be uploaded.

                           Dancing on the table with some of my colleagues.

                                      Me and Megan one of my colleagues.

                                                  Drinking some wine.

   Those of you interested to read the previous blog post about this staff party, would to check out the prices about my outfit from New look and get a closer look of my make-up click here

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Time!

                                    Hello there Beauts! 
   I reallyyy loveee christmas! I love everything about it - the songs, the atmosphere, the presents, the lights .. Unfortunately here in Malta it never snows therefore I never experienced a White Christmas :( (It's one of my future goals to do ;)). Anyways, during these times one feels really comfy to stay indoors watching some TV/DVD and drinking some coffee in a big mug. To enjoy more drinking coffee and making cup a soups I have recently bought this cute penguin mug. The price was around 11.95 euros, I think.

   This is our Christmas tree. It's an old tree as I remember decorating this tree with my dad and sister when I was young but it still gives us a great job (:


   As we're in the Christmas spirit , I thought I'd find some Christmas pictures for you on 

These are actually, my last year's Christmas nails with gel. 

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Essence Nail polishes and Maybelline Mascara

                                      Hello there Beauts!
   Today I had three and a half hours to spare between my lessons and me and my friends decided to go to Msida and buy some nail polishes with out smart card. For those who is not familiar with this smart card, it's a card where the government grants any student with around 233 euros to use on textbooks and other educational stuff. But there are exceptions where some shops takes the smart card to buy shoes, clothes and make-up. Anyways this is what I bought today.

   Maybelline One by one Volum' Express Mascara - 10.98 euros 

   From left to right: 
(They were 1.75 euros each)
  • 67 Make it Golden 
  • 45 Date with the Night 
  • 71 Trendsetter
  • 66 Shiny Godness
  • 70 Nude it!
  • 50 Irreplaceable
  • 44 Modern Romance
  • 36 Enchanted Fairy 
  • 27 No more drama
    I am really looking forward to try them all out! I will keep you updated on what my opinions on these nail polishes are and I will review them for you.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Look Gift Voucher Purchase

                                     Hello there Beauts!
   As I have told you in my earlier posts, I received a gift voucher from New Look and last Wednesday I went with two of my friends to New Look. As this Friday (yesterday) I had my staff party, I decided to look out for a dress to wear to this occasion. I tried out around 6 dresses and seriously none of them was good enough. Then to my relief I saw this lovely dress with those amazing shoes and I knew that they were for me. I went immediately to try them out and I loved them. 

   Don't mind the yellow furniture as it was pure coincidence that the bag and the shoes matched! 

Dress - 29.99 euros
Shoes - 32.99 euros
Bag - 15.99 euros

   There was a really helpful sales girl at New Look that helped me and my friend a lot with our choices. After our final decision on the clothes, she gave us both a leaflet which on the back page there was a 10% off. Therefore, it was really worth it and I only had to add 11 euros more to the voucher so that I could have a matching bag. 

                                        The make-up look of the night.
   I used gold, olive green and black eye shadow for my eyes to compliment the dress. 

   Those who would like me to post a whole post especially for this look and would like to know what products I used, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I would gladly post one for you (:

   As I had a bit of heavy make-up and I wasn't wearing a really plain dress with those noticeable shoes and bag, I decided to keep my nails and accessorizes really simple. I painted my nails light brown (they could be seen a bit from the portrait photo) and as accessorizes I wore my everyday buttoned pearl earrings and a small gold coloured love ring. 


  When I'll have all the photos of yesterday's staff party, I will upload some for you!

   I was also thinking: Would you like to read/see posts with photos of Malta so that you could see what Malta is like? Do send me your feedback on what you think ;)

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