Saturday, March 03, 2012


                                                Hello there Beauts
  Hope all is well with you. I know I have promised you that the next post is going to be about the purchase that I've been bragging constantly about but two of the sweaters are in the washing and I want all the stuff to be in the same post as I have another new purchase to show you. 

Anyways today, I'm going to post about the Carnival I attended in Gozo. 

  I think the photos just says it all. You can see how wonderful the pool looked like but unfortunately, we could not use it as it was really freezing. Also you can see some wonderful scenery of Gozo (I'll probably go back in summer as it's only 20 mins far with a ship from Malta and I will take more photos of Gozo per se then what we did there). 

  The weekend I spent in Gozo was really cold and I had to wear a blouse and a jersey underneath my costume so that at Nadur, where there were a lot of people with different costumes and even cargoes made especially for carnival, I wouldn't freeze. 

  Overall, it was a great experience, even though some small disagreements arose between us but it figures being a big group of 17. But all is well, and we had a great time there.

                                                                            Berry Blush 

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