Thursday, June 30, 2011


       First of all, I would like to share with you what I have done yesterday, as it was a public holiday in Malta. 

            In the morning I went to the beach with my parents and now my skin is BURNING! AHHHH. The irony is that I did not spend time a lot of time in the sun, only during I was swimming because when I was not swimming I was under an umbrella. The sun is getting hotter every Summer that passes, I must say. 
            Then in the evening I went to some discos/clubs in Paceville with my friends. We went to an open bar at only 15 euros. Which I think it's really worth it, as many teenagers drink a lot of alcohol. Last night, on the other hand I did not drink too much, as in the morning I had to wake up early because I had my last exam of my Make up course (which mainly this blog is supposed to be about). 

This is what I wore yesterday. Both the dress and the purse/handbag are from New Look. From the photo you can see how much burnt I am :( haha.

Anyways, today I had my Final Make up Exam the category was Wedding Morning. I did great with my work and my teacher was really happy with the look I created. Now on Monday I have to meet up with my teacher to get and sign the certificate. I am really excited because now I can work with it :D. Underneath you'll find some photos of me during the exam, hope you like them (:

 That's all for today. I may be missing a few days as tomorrow I am going to babysit my cousins and then sleep at their home, so maybe my next blog would be on Sunday or Monday. Until then, 


  1. Woah!! cool makeup!! Do follow me at

  2. I've got sun burned as well haha, but I get brownish tan right away! :D
    Love the make up!

    I tagged you! :)