Monday, July 04, 2011

What I have been up to ..

                         Hiya there, I am back :D
   As the title says, this blog is going to be about what I have been up to these couple of days. So lets start. 

   Friday morning, I packed my bag with some things I would need to go to sleep at my aunt's house and babysit my little gremlins, Neil who is 7 years old and Amy who's next week is turning 2 years old. It was a while since I last saw them and the first thing I noticed was how much Amy was starting to speak!  Anyways, when I arrived at my aunt's house, I settled down and started to play with Amy until my uncle came home with Neil. Later at night, we made a pygama party and ate lots of sweets and packets while watching TV. Then we went in the balcony and blew some bubbles. Neil loved that!

   Saturday morning, I joined my aunt and Neil to a party at the Mediterraeano. First we watched the sea lions show, then we visited the reptile house and before cutting the cake we watched the parrot show. After we ate something, we watched our last show - the dolphins show. 



   After that, we went to do some shopping in The Point, Sliema. Later in the evening I went to work and after that I went out with my friends and workmates to Oreilly's Pub and then we went to loose some energy at Fuego. 

   Today I went to pick up my Barry M cosmetics from the post office. Later on, when I'll use them, I will review them and show you the look I will create with them. Until then, here's a sneak peek to the colours I bought. 

** Again sorry for the photo quality but my camera broke down and at the moment I'm using my cellphone. 

   Until the next blog

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