Thursday, June 23, 2011


             For starters, I'd like to share with you that today I Passed my driving theory exam and therefore I am half way there to get my license :D Yayyyy!

          Anyways, today this blog is about Toffee and in a few you'll know what I am talking about... Last month in the beginning of May, in my home town, the Local Council organised a pet show and pet competition in the ground. As my dad wanted to enter our lovely pup, Jack, in the pet competition, I went to show my support (even though this competition was nothing professional - I mean all the dogs that took part were untrained - this was the main  aim for this competition to give an opportunity for the untrained dogs to take part in a competition). 

          Anyways, not to make a short story long, I passed near some cages and I could not not stop and stare at those small fluffy bunnies! They were so CUTE that I wanted one and for a change, I could not resist not buying one. 

          Because it has the colour of toffee and most probably it is a female as when I bought it Toffee was still young to define if it's a female or a male so I decided to name it Toffee as it is a unisex name. When I bought it, it was only 1 month old! Now Toffee's soon going to be 3 months! They grow too quickly :( haha

Left: Jack first time coming home (4 weeks old)
Right: Jack nowadays (:

Left: Toffee 1 month old
Centre & Right: 3 months old 

               That's all for today. 


  1. Aww Toffee is sooo cute omg and so small as well how cute is that!?! Ohh and congratulations on passing your theory test..You are motivating me to do the test :-)

  2. Thanks. It is not difficult the theory one at least. The driving one I still have to do it. (: