Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy Days!

    I am REALLY sorry for not being often around here this past week but I'm very busy at the moment between work, private lessons for my re-sit exams, studying, babysitting .. Anyways you know what I mean. So bear with me please if it takes me some time to write a blog to you. I won't abandon you, scout's honour! ;)

    Anyways, I don't what to get boring more than I am haha, so this what I have been up to these days apart doing all of the above I have mentioned ;)

  On Saturday night, after work, me and some of the staff decided to go out. Our first stop was at the O'reilly's Pub and after that we went to Fuego. This night out was also a farewell to our friend Monica, who went back to Spain, yesterday. 

   Oh and the Vodka Mint Shooters are really GOOD! haha

   Last Thursday, I went to my Aunt's house to babysit my little cousins.  This is us in the splash pool. 

     To make the kids quiet, we have first done the dot to dot and then started colouring Spongebob. At this point Amy started crying for her mum at this was the only thing that stopped her from crying. Lucky me, that this idea came to my mind! haha

   My babiesss! They're so cute! Oh and they fight alottt between them haha. They always want the same toys to play with. 

   Me and the kids after the barbecue on the roof top. Amy is so cute when she laughs. She is only 2 and she speaks like a little woman. And Neil here is being cheeky while trying to take some photos. 

   This is all for today, as I have to start studying and do some essays for Monday! AAAAAhhhh how I have studying in Summer! :( hahaaa .. and to topple it up I'm also sick so this morning, no swimming and sunbathing for me .. haha

                                  Until the next blog, cya babes

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