Monday, July 18, 2011

Barry M Cosmetics

                                     Hello Loveliess

   Today I thought I'd show you my Barry M Dazzle Dust Eyeshadow collection. It's not really a big one, but as I quite frankly spent 135 euros on make-up last friday, I thought I should save up some money for now. Well, at least, I'm going to try not to buy more for at least a month. Anyways these are my babies :D

Left to Right: Chocolate no 53, Bright Indigo no 99, Copper no 47, Gold no 96, Lime no 75, Neon Pink no 85, Midnight Blue no 23 and Electric Blue no 22. They are more sparkly than they look in the photo.

   I have used some of these colours (the Gold, Lime, Electric Blue and Midnight Blue) for my Make-up Portofolio, but my friend has still not uploaded the photos yet, so at the moment I can't share the looks with you, but I promise you  as soon as I have them, I'll post you about the photos (: One of my favourite Barry M Dazzle Dust is the Midnight Blue colour as on first impression you think that it is black but if you look closely you notice that it is dark blue. 

Anyways, sometime soon I'll make a LOTD with my Barry M's for you.                       
 I'd like to THANK you, my FOLLOWERS, for following my blog. I really appreciate! 
                                   Until my next blog, 


  1. i'd love to see these colours on your lotd :D

  2. I already gave three looks to show as LOTD, those that I used for my Make-up Portofolio. But my friend has still not uploaded them yet haha. So just be a little bit more patient please as I am doing because I'm really curiuos to see them too! hahaha

    x x x

  3. thank you so much for the follow! i'm following you back, and i hope the photos turn out great! ;)

  4. i love barry m dazzle dusts! i think my favorite is tan, it's such a warm wearable colour! :)

  5. I love them all haha! I'm thinking to buy some more some day because they are really good