Friday, July 29, 2011

Shoes! ♡

                                              Hello my beauties!
   Today, this post is going to be all about SHOES! If you haven't yet noticed I love shoes and I'm addicted to buy lots of shoes. Each shoes I like, I would want and at the end I buy it. But I also pay attention not to buy shoes of the same colour. My favourite shoes are the heels one. This is my collection of shoes till now..

This shoe drawers was around 24 euros from Lidl

All of them from New Look and they are really comfortable. I love New Look shoes!

First pair I forgot the name of the shop.
Left to Right: Ungerground, Bijoux Toi, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins

Close up of the red Underground shoes, just to show you the design at the side of the shoe (:

New Look Boots - Really Comfy in Winter :D

   Now I'm thinking of buying a Nude/Cream pair because it is such a natural and nice colour that it blends in with whatever outfit I would want to wear. I saw one from the missguided site, I'll if maybe I'll find some other nude pairs, so I could choose the best one. 



  1. great shoe collection, and the drawer looks so small and handy :D

  2. Omg! I love your heels! :) I just heard about your blog and I love it, so I followed you! Please check out my blog!

  3. love shoes, love this post! you have a fabulous shoe collection-love love love your heels! :)

  4. Thanks girls (: Trying to get it bigger haha x x