Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blackcurrant Jelly!

                                           Hello there,
   For Summer one of my favourite dessert/treat is jelly and it is really easy to do. So today, I thought I'd show you how to do it! Usually some packets like the Hartley's have instructions on them. 

   If your packet does not have any instructions this is all you have to do. 

       1. Sprinkle contents of sachet into a jug of 285ml(1/2pt) boiling water.
       2. Stir until dissolved and then make up to 570ml (1pt) with cold water. 
       3. Pour into a mould or serving dishes and refrigerate to set. 
                (makes 4 portions/servings)
       NB: Adding pineapple, kiwi or papaya fruit will prevent jelly from setting.

   And if you want to try something different (I haven't tried it yet):

      For a wonderful fizzy jelly dissolve Hartley's Jelly in 150 ml hot water. Then add 420 ml cold diet lemonade 
       and leave to set. 

       or go to:

   I'd like to say that words written in a small font are not my words but are instructions written on the Hartley's packet. Thanks


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  2. i've been craving jelly and eating it everyday so far this week :o

  3. I've bought this packet like 2 weeks ago and I was always forgetting or did not have time to do but finally I made it! haha I love it too especially in Summer

  4. Looks yummy, I've never got the packet before I've got the pre-made and blocks in my fridge haha.