Thursday, August 11, 2011


                                     Hello there again, 
   I know this is the second post for today but it will compensate for tomorrow as I won't have time to switch on my lappy. I have a full day planned tomorrow. Firstly I have a 2 hour English private lesson, then I thought I'd spend some time at my grannies and later in the evening I'm going to have a ladies night with some of my girls! 

   Anyways, to the topic of today, I thought I'd post to you about Veet Face. 

   And I have to say that I was quite disappointed with these wax strips. I used these wax stripes for my upper lip and they did not give me any result - that is the hair on my upper lip remained there or else very few came out. It may also be because it was my first try using them. Maybe I used try them again. 

   What do you think I should do, give them another chance or stick to my cream hair removal? What brand do you use?


                               Berry Blush


  1. I'd say give it another chance maybe you didn't do it long enough?

  2. I don't know but I'll try it for sure, first of all I'm not going to just throw the packet away haha

  3. I had exactly the same experience with these strips. I still got my hairy upper lip, just that now the hairs have a bit wax on them...