Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fish Lounge

                                       Hello there girls!
   Not so long ago, I have read on a blog that I follow (sorry I forgot the blog's name) about this fish treatment for your feet. Now, they opened also in Malta and it's called The Fish Lounge as the blog title itself says. Anyways, I thought it was quite interesting and I'm thinking of trying it.

   As the leaflet says:

   What is it all about?
   'Fish Therapy' is a natural skin treatment, originating in Turkey, where it has been practiced for centuries. A very special type of fish called Garra Rufa is used to simultaneously exfoliate and massage your feet.

   What are the benefits?
   These fascinating little fish give you a natural pedicure as they gently suck away unwanted dead skin and open your pores, leaving your feet feeling much softer, refreshed and healthy. While doing that, they softly massage your feet, stimulate acupuncture points and increase the blood circulation. This helps regulate the nervous system, relaxes the body and releases fatigue. Other than that, the treatment eases and heals the symptoms of numerous skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Last but not least, it is a truly fascinating and fun experience that will definitely put a smile on your face.

   Does it hurt?
   Not at all! The fish have no teeth, and just gently 'vacuum clean' your dead skin. It feels like your feet are suspended in bursting bubbles. This might feel slightly ticklish at first, as it then turns into a relaxing foot massage. 

   Can I catch any disease?
   No! These fish cannot transfer disease to humans. You will wash your feet and have them checked by our staff before the treatment. Everyone gets a personal dedicated water tank with a powerful UV-filtration system which sterilizes all the water every 6 minutes, ensuring the utmost hygiene for you and the fish!

   Would you give this treatment a try? And those who already tried this, what's your feedback about this treatment?

   Watch out for another blog about The Fish Lounge of me going and trying this treatment!


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  1. I'd actually like to try this! Been thinking about it but I heard from the ones in Asia it gives you diseases or bad stuff happen.. can't remember specifics so it sort of turned me off. But the one in Malta sounds safe :)

  2. Yes, and the environment of the shop is not dirty or anything like that. Well, I'll still check before trying it the procedures etc.

  3. hey, love your blog, and i love the idea of the fish treatment, but there is actually risk of infection, not diseases as such but varrucas, warts and small infections of the foot can be passed over, even if the water is cleaned out reguarly the fish carry the bacteria in there mouths, also the fish eat there own poo (gross I know) so even if no one has gone before you the bacteria from the fish poo can go into your feet ewww but the good thing is that msot of the skin on ones foot is dead, so the fish would have to get pretty deep to infect the foot. take the risk if you dare :D xx

  4. Well, I think I'll risk it ;) but I have to find some time first as this week I have my re-sit exams!