Thursday, August 18, 2011


                                       Hello there Beauts!
   Sadly today I finished the last episode of Smallville. If someone has not watched it yet is about Superman and his adventures and I would recommend you to watch as it's amazing! I really love watching series. This last episode and the part were Lois and Clark walk down the aisle together to get married was breathtaking! Seriously, who would not want to be held by Clark Ken, or else better Tom Welling? 

                                        Sorry for the heavy load of photos! 
   Have you watched it? If yes, do you like it? And those who haven't seen it yet, are you considering to start this series? 


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  1. I've never watched it before, but have heard about it. Well I watched the last episode with my boyfriend and I was actually more excited than him! I would watch the whole set but I heard there was like 10 seasons? But I'll see :)

  2. Yes, there are 10 seasons but they are worth the time. Some of the seasons I watched like 3 times haha