Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gossip Girl

                                  Hello there ladies!
   I am sure you have heard of Gossip Girl if not WATCH IT because you're missing out, seriously! 

   Anyways, one of my favourite character from the show is Serena - real name Blake Lively. I find her really talented and love to watch her acting on the show. One thing I really adore about her is her Style! She wears gorgeous clothes and if I had the opportunity half if not all of my wardrobe would be filled with her clothes. Whatever clothing is in fashion looks good on her!  

                                        Here's some photos!

   * Photos are taken from Google. 

                               So what do think of her style? 


                          Berry Blush


  1. I love her too, but on the show I find it so annoying how she's always hopping between guys :( I haven't even finished season 4 yet but I should be soon.

    Ooh and she has really nice style too, so jealous of her height and long legs!!

  2. I love love love Blake Lively! Her sense of style is brilliant and I love how they dress her as Serena :) Ultimate girl crush!x

  3. I think she has a beautiful clothing style :D!

  4. I like Blair's Waldorf style too but sometimes her clothes are too over dressed to wear them yourself, Serena's has the perfect style that you can wear!