Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hand Creams

                                             Hello Lovelies!
   At the moment as hand creams I'm using Moist 24 Manuka Honey by Missha and Tea tree and Lime. The Tea tree and lime was a three pack present from one of my good friends - it included a body lotion (which I use it for my hands), body scrub and body shower gel. The Missha hand cream was purchased by me but I forgot the price as I got it weeks ago. 

Top: Missha  Bottom: Tea tree and Lime

   Lime or Mint is one of my favourite scents, although there are others of course but if I had to choose one of these hand creams, I would definitely choose the Manuka Honey - Missha because it's texture is a lot better and more creamy. You can notice this from the photo above. Apart from that, they are both good and makes your skin soft. 


                                                            Berry Blush


  1. they look really nice :) i use soap and glory's hand food :) im a new follower btw, really like your blog :D xx

  2. Thanks, Essie! I'm following you too!
    x x

  3. sounds good! :)