Wednesday, August 24, 2011


                                   Hello there my lovely Beauts!
   Yesterday I told you that today I was going to have my licence test and happily I'd love to tell you that I PASSED! At first I was really calm as I was there like a half an hour early as before I had my private lesson and it wasn't worth it going home and after a few minutes later go back. Anyways, the butterflies came as my examiner came towards me and my learner. The test was really short and in fact I thought that I had not passed. I could not believe what my ears heard! haha .. OH the Joy of getting the licence! Now, I only have the car left. I'm thinking of getting a Beetle (and my dad is nagging me to get a Toyota Vitz) but at the moment here in Malta I have not found one that I really like so I think I'm going to ship one from London. We'll see! 

   I'd love to get a Convertible one but because the roof of the car is made of fabric, I'm afraid that someone will tear it with a pocket knife and I don't wish to risk it because it would cost me a lot of money to repair and if I have some stuff inside they could get stolen too. Anyways, once I get my car I will blog about it and show you which one I chose :D


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