Wednesday, August 31, 2011


                                             Hello there Beauts!
   I know I am being a bit AWOL at the moment but as I previously stated in my other posts these 4 days are my exam days and I am constantly studying all day - no joking, so I don't really have time to think or write some posts for you. 

   Today's post is kind of randomish but I thought I'd show you something that I really loveee - Winnie the Pooh and this lovely comes in a form of a money box. A few years back I really was crazzzyyy about Winnie the Pooh. I think it was my 15/16th birthday but I recall that  the majority of my presents were something of Winnie the Pooh - notebook, magnet, pencils, stickers, shower gel, soft toy. I know, I can be quite childish some times! haha. 

 Front and Back 

   I actually have 2 of them and I use these money boxes for small money and tips from work. They really were cheap - 2 euros for both. A pro or a con, depends on your liking, is that you cannot open or close it with a key or something. The only way to open it without destroying it is with a tin opener. Then you can use it as a pencil holder or to put something important in it. 


                              Berry Blush


  1. oh that is so cute! I wanted to get a winnie the pooh moneybox too! but my boyfriend dragged me away cause he knows I won't be using it hahaha!

  2. Sometimes I do that too - buy something and not use it just for the sake it is cute but in reality I don't know what use it has for me hahaha!