Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Outs and Abouts

                                         Hey there, my lovlies!
   This week is one of my busiest weeks. I have been two days out and had not the time to blog or stay long at home. First I had some private lessons and then on Monday I had to Surprise Birthday Dinner at Melita Gardens for one of my friends, then yesterday night I went out to the Lija Feast with one of my bestie and her boyfriend because she has this crazy idea to date me up with one of her boyfriend's friends! haha.. Anyways I met some new people and in the following 2 days I'm joining her again as I had a good time. 

   Today I woke up early to go to my English private lesson and later after I decided to visit my lovely granny and grandpa as this week I don't have time because I have a full schedule and I hated not to go this week so I decided to go today after my lesson. I really love them to bits and they're really amazing, the best actually!

    This is my amazing grandad! He's really cute and funny. Sorry I don't have a good photo of my grandma to show you.

   Here's a sneak peek to what I'm going to do tonight with my girls!

   I don't know in what order we're going to do things but we're going to have some drinks (and I thinking about Pina Colada's!) then we're going to do some karaoking and then hit the bumping cars and to close the day, we're going to have some ice-cream! Yummm.

   Lastly this is the hairstyle I'm going to wear tonight. Photos about tonight I will update them on my next blog hopefully! (Photos taken from google.)


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  1. that ice cream looks so yummy O.o hahahaha, btw check out my awards for you on my blog hun ..