Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pantene Pro-V

                                     Hello there Dolls!
   Today I am feeling really tired, lazy and exhausted and to topple it up, I have to study for tomorrow's exam! Urgh! 

   Anyways, today I'd thought I'd share with you my hair shampoo. From time to time, I always change my shampoo because I'm not always satisfied with the look the shampoos give me. Recently, my sis bought this Pantene Pro-v Repair and Protect shampoo and it made miracles, seriously! A few years ago when I was in my early teens, I always had this ugly, frizzy, untamed hair and I would try all different kinds of products but to no use. I think the remedy was just to give it time to adjust because after constantly blow-drying it and cut it short, when growing up it came out perfectly! 

   From the first time that I tried Pantene Pro-v Repair and Protect shampoo, I can say that I immediately saw the difference from the other shampoos. This new shampoo is now giving me silky, soft and shiny look which I'm really happy about. Yesterday, one of my workmates asked me what shampoo I use as it looked really nice and soft.

   As the package says:

   You have: Hair that is dry/damaged from brushing, blow drying and styling. 
   You want: Healthy, shiny hair that is protected against future damage.

   Pantene Prov-v Repair and Protect shampoo:

  • Is especially designed to repair the look of damaged hair and to protect hair against future damage, preventing splint ends form forming. 
  • Leaves hair shiny, soft and manageable.
   Direction: Lather, rinse, repeat if required.

   I can guarantee you and also give you my word that all the above information stated on the package, has given me what I was searching for. As now I always have shiny, soft and manageable hair! 


                                                    Berry Blush

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