Monday, September 05, 2011


                                              Hello there Beauts!
   As yesterday it was Sunday and I was not working, after studying for today's exam, I went out with my mum and dad. Primarily, my mum and I wanted to go to the movies but my dad didn't feel like it so we were stuck going to Bugibba. We ate at George's Sea Front? I think that was the name of the restaurant and I took Beach burger (burger with cheese, egg and bacon) with chips which I loved eating - I'm quite the fast food type ;) haha. Later as a dessert my dad and I went to Sotto zero for some ice-cream. As I was nearly full, I decided to take only one scoop of ice-cream and I chose Banoffee flavour which was AMAZING! Anyways not to ramble a lot this is what I wore. 

I know this photo is fuzzy and blurry but I like it!

                          Dress: Bijoux Toi
                          Shoes: Debenhams
                          Bracelet: A pressie from a friend bought from Australia 
                          Earrings: Again a pressie from a friend bought from Australia 


                                                         Berry Blush


  1. LOVE that dress on you and such a fun silver grey color!

    LIesl :)

  2. Thanks, it's simple but also casual for a Sunday evening! x x