Friday, September 09, 2011

The Reasons why I was not Blogging

                                               Hello there Beauts!
   Here in Malta, the Maltese are crazy about feasts and their celebrations and yesterday it was my home town feast. In the evening, some of the roads are closed as there would be lots of cabanas with food, sweets like doughnuts, crepes, candyfloss - heaven that is! haha and also some cabanas with toys for the kids. You'd see lots of Maltese drinking, jumping and singing and later at night like around 12am we'd have some fireworks. I took some photos and videos for you, so you'd get the picture of our celebrations! (and usually we celebrate for like 5 days!)

   The photos don't do much justice to the fireworks because of the all the smoke but in the video you can see clearly what I am talking about. 

* Video was taken and edited by me. 

   Anyways, these shoots and videos were taken on the 7th of September. Yesterday morning me and my dad went to the square and from the photo uploaded underneath you can see lots of people celebrating. 

Drinking Pina Colada!
Top + Highwaisted Shorts: New Look, Necklace: Accessorize.
   As my dad took a 2 days of from work and we had some free tickets to go  to Splash and Fun aqua park, me, my mum and dad decided to spend the day there. It's not really an enormous park as like Gardaland or other amusement parks but it's enough for Malta as it's a small island! I took some photos to show you some parts of the place!

What a gorgeous babe! We found him there taking a nap - what a cutieee!! 

Reading another book!

Kids Area

   There is a another pool that I did not take photos of  but I did not have enough memory space. Also there are some other attractions inside like swings and slides in the form of dinosaurs and monkeys for the kids. 

                                  Sorry for the heavy load of photos!


                                                             Berry Blush

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