Tuesday, September 06, 2011

P.S. I Love You

                                     Hello there Beauts!
   I am sure you have heard and maybe also read and watched the movie P.S. I Love You. If not, come on purchase the novel and watch the movie - they're both AMAZING! I have watched the movie like 3 times now and I'm never bored of  re-watching it. It always gives me that kind of feeling. I can't really explain it but those who watched the movie may understand me. 
    A few years back I borrowed and read the novel from my school library and when I saw it at the book store, I had to purchase it. It was a must! Anyways, at the moment I'm re-reading the novel and if you haven't all noticed yet, I'm kind of a bookworm! Since from a  young age, I reallyyy loved to read all kinds of books and stories. I used to read like about 7 books a week. Now of course, I'm getting more busier with school being more challenging, exams, outings so I don't have a lot of free time to read but I always try to find some time before going to sleep or either on public transport. 

    I bought the novel for about 11 euros I think but if you want to purchase it cheaper and second hand (you'll also find brand new novels) you should check here. From this site, you might be able to find one around 3 euros to 5 euros depending on its condition. Nowadays, I'm purchasing books from this site as it is more affordable!

   For those who have not yet seen the movie and wish to see the trailer, I just posted one for you (: I'm not going to give you any ideas about what the movie and the novel are about apart from this trailer as I don't want to ruin it for you!
   Also, can I say that Gerald Butler is a Hottie!? Hahaha...Anyways, if you want to purchase the movie, play.com (the site that I gave you for the novel) has also P.S. I Love You in DVD. You can get from around 5 euros to 8 euros, I think. Check from here


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  1. I love P.S. I love you so much! It's weird though because I cry my eyes out when it's on, but then feel really happy afterwards haha. I was a bit surprised at how different the film is to the book though :/.
    Oh, and Gerard Butler is gorgeoussss!x

  2. Yes, in some parts there's a great difference. I think it is one of the story that the novel and the movie change so much! Either way they are both amazing! haha x x

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