Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barry M - Gold Foil Nail polish Review

                                            Hello there Beauts!
   Time for the Gold Foil Review! This nail polish like Barry M's Blue Moon is an amazing colour  and with only one coat you have a beautiful finished product as the polish is really thick. 

   On the second day, the polish started to chip but it could be because I was working at the cash. Apart from that, through the week the polish had a really good staying power and it slightly chipped.

Rating: 5/5

   The Gold Foil is one of my favourite colour and it really defines the nail and gives a chic colour. It goes really well with brown colours of garments. With this nail polish I love to wear Missguided blue blazer and missguided beige trousers.

   * I still have to go to New Look and take photos of the Beetle*

                                                                                              Berry Blush                                                                              


  1. I've been interested in trying this colours, looks great :) x

  2. Do try it! The Gold Foil is really amazing but I don't know about the Silver Foil infact I did not buy it yet.