Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Look Gift Voucher Purchase

                                     Hello there Beauts!
   As I have told you in my earlier posts, I received a gift voucher from New Look and last Wednesday I went with two of my friends to New Look. As this Friday (yesterday) I had my staff party, I decided to look out for a dress to wear to this occasion. I tried out around 6 dresses and seriously none of them was good enough. Then to my relief I saw this lovely dress with those amazing shoes and I knew that they were for me. I went immediately to try them out and I loved them. 

   Don't mind the yellow furniture as it was pure coincidence that the bag and the shoes matched! 

Dress - 29.99 euros
Shoes - 32.99 euros
Bag - 15.99 euros

   There was a really helpful sales girl at New Look that helped me and my friend a lot with our choices. After our final decision on the clothes, she gave us both a leaflet which on the back page there was a 10% off. Therefore, it was really worth it and I only had to add 11 euros more to the voucher so that I could have a matching bag. 

                                        The make-up look of the night.
   I used gold, olive green and black eye shadow for my eyes to compliment the dress. 

   Those who would like me to post a whole post especially for this look and would like to know what products I used, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I would gladly post one for you (:

   As I had a bit of heavy make-up and I wasn't wearing a really plain dress with those noticeable shoes and bag, I decided to keep my nails and accessorizes really simple. I painted my nails light brown (they could be seen a bit from the portrait photo) and as accessorizes I wore my everyday buttoned pearl earrings and a small gold coloured love ring. 


  When I'll have all the photos of yesterday's staff party, I will upload some for you!

   I was also thinking: Would you like to read/see posts with photos of Malta so that you could see what Malta is like? Do send me your feedback on what you think ;)

                                                                                               Berry Blush


  1. Your makeup is gorgeous and so is the outfit! Love it! :]

  2. i really like ur dress! want to get a look on my blog? :) xx

  3. Thanks. Yes, I'll check it out and follow you because I like reading blogs (: xxx

  4. I like your shoes. :) So gorgeous.
    Beautiful eyes. :)