Monday, April 30, 2012

Sea of Love

   Summer is my favourite season and although I still haven't got my first swim for this year due to the water being too cold for my liking, I went to White Rocks at Bahar ic-Caghaq with my friends to sun bathe. Unfortunately now my shoulders are sun burnt and I can't keep any bag on my shoulders :( Anyways, it serves me right, so that maybe one day I will learn to put on some sun block haha :-)

   Also, my Boohoo purchase has arrived on Friday - you can see one of the shoes purchased and the tan bag in the photo above. The espadrilles are really comfortable and I'm glad that I bought 2 pairs. When I unwrapped the bag from its plastic bag, at first I was taken a back as it was a bit too big for my liking and for my comfort zone but after two days wearing it, I'm falling in love with it. Regarding, the other pair of espadrilles and the playsuit I bought you'll see them in another post when I'll wear them.

   If you'd like me to dedicate a post for just the Boohoo purchase, don't hesitate to tell me. I'll gladly do another post and upload some more up close photos of my purchase. I've also purchased some rings from e-bay but I'm still waiting for their arrival and as they have to come from China, the package  will be here in Malta around 2 weeks from my purchase.

Cardigan: New Look
Top: Peacocks
Denim shorts: New Look
Shoes: Boohoo
Bag: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Rayban

I'll leave you with the photos of White Rocks.

                                                                               Berry Blush


  1. Great blog structure.

    I would love to follow your beautiful blog! <3 maybe we can follow each other?

  2. What a lovely photos! Make me so jealous as the weather in the UK is not very good.

    By the way, your blog is lovely. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know sweetie so I can follow you back. xx

    1. Thanks :) The weather is this good because summer is approaching. On the other hand, winter in Malta is pretty bad - really cold, raining all the time (I prefer summer ;)). Yes, I'll check out your blog :)

  3. I can't wait to be at the beach next month! lovely photos and I want your shoes!

    1. Me too! It's still May and the weather's too hot. Makes you want to go and take a swim but the water is still cold ;) If you're interested, I posted a post about the espadrilles yesterday :)

  4. Beautiful photos and post!!
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. Thanks. I'd love to check out your blog :)