Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Free Spirit

                                                        Hiya there
   I'm currently eating some cherries, watching Private Practice and thank God not bored as I've been bored studying for days! But as I wrote on Facebook, today's my break day and my guilty day. My pleasure day as I'm taking a break from all the studying - this morning I went out for a BBQ with my workmates and this evening I'm going to the Luna park with my friends (don't know if I'm going to be able to get some photos as I'm without a camera as at the moment all the photos that I've been providing are taken by my friend's camera). Today is also my guilty day, as I haven't lifted a paper but then my study load is going to be doubled tomorrow!

   Anyways not to brag any more, I'm uploading for you the photo of the outfit I wore last Friday evening to Gianpula.

                                                 Earrings: New Look
                                                 Dress: New Look
                                                 Wedges: Flea market
                                                 Purse: New Look
                                                 Ring: Ebay
                                                 Watch: Ice watch

   What I love the most is wearing new stuff. I really love the feeling of self-confidence when wearing something new. At the moment, feathers are really in fashion and I equipped myself with a pair of earrings which I'm totally in love with, I also bought the shoes to match them 8-) Oh and apart from the shoes being lovely, they're extremely COMFORTABLE really! Unfortunately, we didn't stay long to take some more photos as my friend got really drunk and I had to drive her back home.

                                                                                               Berry Blush


  1. love your outfit - very cute ;)

    1. Thanks :) Keep posted as I'm going to do a giveaway real soon :)