Friday, June 01, 2012

Here I heard you were a WILD ONE

   Apologies for not writing for almost a month but I'm extremely busy with studying as I'm sitting for my exams in a week and for the past week I had no internet connection - Damn download limits!

   Last Friday, was the opening of Gianpula and my friends and I decided to go out for some partying. For you bloggers who don't live in Malta, Gianpula Fields is situated near Rabat where some concerts take place and especially on Fridays there's the G7 Gianpula parties.

                                                 Playsuit: Boohoo
                                                 Wedges: New Look
                                                 Purse: New Look
                                                 Ring: Ebay
                                                 Bracelet: New Look
                                                 Watch: Ice watch
                                                 Necklace: Accessorize

   I don't know if you remember me mentioning in one my posts that I was awaiting an order from Boohoo. Well the playsuit is one of my purchase. Initially, I had seen this playsuit on Boohoo's magazine and I got infatuated ;) as I didn't own a playsuit before. When I opened the parcel, I was a bit put off as the design was not how I imagined it as obviously seeing it on a mag and actually seeing it eye to eye it's quite different. However, the way I styled my look, I fell immediately in love with the playsuit and felt really comfortable in it.

   Below are photos of my friends and I having some fun!

   I'll leave you now for some Private Practice episodes and later prepare and go out for another party at Gianpula. Stay tuned for my next outfit to Gianpula's party as everything I'll be wearing are new.

                                                                                                Berry Blush

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