Friday, July 15, 2011

Shopping + Exams

   Sadly, today while I was shopping around with my friend, I received by text by exams results. I have to say, I'm quite disappointed because I did not do very well and I have to revise some of the papers because I think there was a mistake. But anyways this is what I found today. 

Oysho Hello Kitty Pygama Trousers -14.99 euros (with sale). I'm in love at the moment with Hello Kitty!  

Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palette, Inglot Face Blush, Inglot  Body Sparkles 71, 68 and Inglot Lip liner

Inglot Freedom Palette Eyeshadow - 70 euros 
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Inglot Freedom Palette Eyeshadow Top Row 

Inglot Freedom Palette Eyeshadow Bottom Row 

Inglot Body Sparkles no 71 -  It's a shimmery one and changes colour from  pink to purple and blue - 20 euros

Inglot Body Sparkles no 68 - 20 euros 

Left: Inglot Body Sparkles no 71
Centre: Inglot Body Sparkles no 68
Right: Inglot Lipliner in coral colour - 11.00 euros
Inglot Face Blush no 29 - 14 euros

   If you add up all the make-up I bought from Inglot you'd get 135 euros! I know, crazy, I've never spent that much money in less than an hour on one day. But seriously, nowadays, I could not resist not buying any make-up. I'm really addicted to have lots of eyeshadows and colours. 

    Anyways, this is all for today as I'm going to help my mum to buy some stuff at the supermarket.  Until the next blog,

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  1. I'm loving the PJ pants, I love Hello Kitty where I work we have some over the ear headphones and I'm so tempted to get them because they're HK hehe.

    Love your blog and followed :)