Friday, July 08, 2011

...Bijoux Toi

     Yesterday I visited my friend's shop Bijoux Toi again and I found some good things and best thing was that they weren't expensive. I bought a dress, a pair of shoes, earrings and a ring and in total they only came 40.95 euros and because she knows me, my friend discounted the prices and left them for only 37 euros. I think they were well worth it.

I got the dress for 14.95 euros

These earrings were 5 euros!

This one's a cute one! I love chunky rings and it only was 5 euros!
These shoes were only 16 euros and when you wear you can do the strings in a bow which comes out really cute :3

  Tomorrow I have to pick up a grey dress too because I have done some alterations on it. It's really cute too but I like this pink one best! It's adorable. 

Tonight there's a zumba fundraiser for an organisation named Puttinu Cares. This organisation helps the children in need. So me and friends decided to spend our evening at Luxol Grounds in Pembroke doing some Zumba for a good cause (:

That's all for today, 
Until the next blog