Monday, July 11, 2011

Shopping Spree

   It was a long while since I saw last one of my bestie, so on Saturday we decided to go and do some shopping as a lot of shops were doing Summer sales. I thought I'll show you what I found (:

Jennyfer Top with sale - 11.25 euros

New Look Malta Earrings without Sale - 3.99 euros

New Look Malta Necklace with Sale - 2 euros

New Look Malta Headwrap without Sale - 4.99 euros

Debenhams Malta Shoes without Sale - 36.00 euros. These are a real cuties! 

Dorothy Perkins Shoes with Sale - 22.25 euros

Jennyfer Top without Sale - 17.95 euros

Inglot Coral Red no 106 Lipstick - 14 euros

New Look Malta Maxi Dress without Sale - 30 euros 

New Look Malta Headwrap without Sale - 6.99 euros 

New Look Malta Handbag with Sale - 6 euros 

New Look Malta Twinset Belts without Sale - 6.99 euros

   I still have not calculated how much I've sent and I already now that it is too much! I'm a shopaholic and sometimes I can't not buy something haha. I love to buy things to muchhh. 

   Today I went to buy a pressie with my friend for our friend who works with us because next week she is going back to Spain because she was offered a good job opportunity and she can't refuse it. We are very sad because we're going to miss her. Even our beloved Marrana (her nickname) is sad because she was planning to stay in Malta for at least 3 years. But oh well, we can't do anything, at least we still can communicate from facebook or Skype. 

   This is all for today as I have to tidy up my room and then prepare for work because on Wednesday, I'm going to have some friends home to do some make-up on them and then some photoshoots to build up my make-up portofolio as I also have to sent out a CV to work as a make-up artist. Hope everything goes well! :D

                                        Until the next blog, 
                                        bye bye my lovelies 



  1. I love the bow sandals from debenhams! Sooo gorgeous:) I'm having a mac lipstick giveaway and I'd love for you to enter! xx

  2. I'm loving the sandals too! :D Unfortunately, I can enter the giveaway as I don't live in the UK