Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catwalk Make-up - Egyptian Style

    Today it was quite a bad day, I had to wake up early to wait for my aunt to give a call on whether she is bringing the kids for me to babysit or not. Apart from that, to topple it up, for the past two days, I'm waiting to receive my exam results and I'm constantly worrying and feeling sick because I'm afraid that I'm going to have bad results. This night I even dreamed receiving my results - which I dreamed that I went good! God help me and make my dream come true! hahahaha. Anyways, I heard that tomorrow we're going to receive them. FINGER CROSSED! 

    Not to make a sad post today I thought I'll show one of my catwalk make-up which unpredictably came out to resemble an Egyptian one. I think this make-up is one of my best ones. 

                                          Enjoy watching!

  So what do you think? I hope I get some comments about what you think (:
                                    Until the next blog

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