Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make-up Portofolio

   Today I started the day by waking up at 8.30 in the morning to go for my car lesson. When I arrived home I went to buy some take away food because two of my workmates and friends were coming over to my house to make a make-up and photo session for my make-up portofolio. 

   Around 12.30pm after we finished eating and showing Toffee to them, I started doing the first make-up for my make-up portofolio - gold and black for Monica. After that, which took me quite a lot of time than usual because the phone was constantly ringing hahaa, I started the make-up on Megan which I opted for Electric Blue and Midnight Blue as she's quite a blonde. Then to top it all I used gold and lime to do it on myself. You know I wanted to jump in and have some fun with them (: 

   After we were finished we when to a small garden near my house with the photographer, which she is also my friend, and took some photos there. I saw some of them and they looked great! Infact I loved them. 

* I know you can't see what I'm talking about but supposedly my friend would e-mail the photos for me tomorrow, and then I could show some to you :D

   Anyways, as today it's Wednesday, me and Monica we went to Zumba and I must say, today I really enjoyed it ee because I'm getting better now in Zumba. 

                                    A shortie blog today

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