Monday, September 12, 2011


                                     Hello there Beauts!
   Today is the second post of the day but I cannot wait till tomorrow to share with you some wonderful news! Before going to work, I went to Toffee's room (my bunny) to clean it's environment and as I approached the cage I saw toffee's fur lying around and moving! I was like OMG what's in there? and as I moved closer I saw the cutiest baby bunnies on earth! My baby Toffee had 3 cute little babies. I was really excited and surprised at the same time as although I was aware that she might be pregnant I thought that she was getting fattier because she was eating a lot. Stupid me! ;) hahaha. 

   Toffee the mother on the left and Bugs the father on the right (Bugs is my sister's). As you can see from the photo Toffee at the moment is not very friendly, I just have to give her some time to adjust.

   These are the babiessssssss! One of the photo without flash and the other with flash. 

   I had to seperate the father and put him in another place as if I leave him with the mummy and the babies he'd kill the little ones. Moreover, at the moment I cannot touch the babies for like 6 weeks because Toffee would not be pleased and she would kill them :(

   If you want to see baby Toffee click here and if you want me to show you more photos of Toffee comment below and I would gladly post some for you! 


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