Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday Celebration I

                                               Hello there Beauts!
   In a week, on the 23rd of September, I am going to turn 19 and as I go out with different groups of friends that don't know each other, I have to celebrate my birthday with all of them but in different days. 
   Yesterday, I went babysitting my little cousins Amy and Neil and later at night we kind of 'celebrated' my birthday, watched a film and then went to sleep. As we could not find a good cake at the shop, we bought some muffins instead. I took some photos for you ;)


                                                          Berry Blush


  1. So cute :) Fun with two birthdays :)

  2. Actually, I think I'm going to have more than 2 birthdays hahah! I'll keep you posted ;) x