Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Celebration II

                                             Hello there Beauts!
   Yesterday morning, my workmates and I celebrated my birthday at Amazonia Beach Club. We stayed a day at the pool and then ate some grill. My dear cheeky friends were constantly throwing me in the pool and at the end they tried to undress my bikini in front of everyone and an old, pervert man came to watch the show haha! But I really enjoyed my day (at work no hahhaa because I was really tireddddd!).

   I really hate it that my eyes get sensitive in the sun because some of the photos always comes with my eyes closed! haha

                                                Waiting for our food!

                                                        All of us!

                                          Drinking some Sangria.

                                                   Half the pool.

                                           What the majority of us ate.

   That was my day mostly but on a sadder note in the evening my babies died because Toffee was not feeding them and when we noticed it was too late :(  If you'd like to see the babies click here


                                                              Berry Blush

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