Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sleek Palettes

                                   Hello there Beauts!
   As I had told you in one of my previous posts, I had ordered Storm and Au-Naturel Sleek palettes and surprisingly today they arrived! I'm really excited to try them out and from just looking at them, they look amazing! The first palette, I am going to try is the Au-Naturel for work. 

                                                     Storm Palette

                                              Au-Naturel Palette

   On a note of disappointment, I also received my re-sit exams results and let's just say although it was kind of predictable because the exams were at bit tough, I'm still a bit disappointed because I cannot go to University. But on the other hand, I was accepted in another school - 'Mcast' in the Business sector which therefore I only have to change my path of career and focus on getting a diploma, degree and so forth in Business.    

   Anyway, I hope everything goes well because sometimes I feel quite uncertain with how my life is developing because I am always having to change my plans. But as long as I'm healthy and I have all my friends and family supporting me, all is well and I'll just see were life will get me (:


                                          Berry Blush 


  1. I wish I had the Au-Naturel palette!

  2. The Au-Naturel Palette is amazing, seriously! I think I prefer it more than the Storm one! And I'm constantly using the Au-Naturel palette as it really gives a natural look! (: x x