Saturday, October 22, 2011

Barry M Nail Polishes + NOTD - Disco Pink

                                               Hello there Beauts!
    In September I had posted about the New Nails Effects Barry M have launched ( link: and as I need some new nail polishes (due to stopping doing my nails with gel), my first choice was to purchase Gold Foil code np320 and Blue Moon code np317. I am really looking forward try them and when I do, I'll tell you what I think about them! 

   My nails at the moment are painted in Max Factor's Disco Pink no 704. I've painted my nails on Thursday and till now they haven't chipped at all which is really good as I get really 'pissed' when the nail polish chips immediately.


                                                              Berry Blush 

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  1. I like Barry M products, so will have to look out for the gold foil nail vanish.