Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ice Watch

                                              Hello there Beauts!
   As most of you must know, not so long ago I had my birthday and last Saturday, my lovely mum bought me a white ice watch with rose gold and Swarovski crystals for my birthday. As I could not capture a good photo of the watch due of having an injured finger, I found a picture for you from Google. 

   Yesterday at work, I was putting the clean glasses back to their place on a shelf and the wine glass I was holding to put back at its place slipped out of my hand. The minute I grabbed it, the glass hit the cupboard and it broke. I checked to see if I had cut myself with the glass and saw two small scratches made from the glass on two of my fingers. Looking at the other hand, there was blood dripping from one of my fingers, I bandaged the cut with a plaster and continued to work. This morning when I woke up, I complained to my mum that my finger was hurting me and when I removed the plaster to show her the cut, the blood had still not dried up and continued to drip. Seeing that, my mum told me that it was better to go and check it out at the clinic to see if I needed any stitches. Luckily, as I am really afraid of needles and anything to do with that sort of stuff, all the nurse did was clean my finger, put on a steri-strip (like a butterfly stick) and bandaged it. Now on Tuesday I have to go back to the clinic for the nurse to check if the cut is healing and on the 21st I have to go again to the clinic to remove the bandage. 

   The bandage is already irritating me because my finger is hurting a bit and I cannot write properly. But what can I do? I have to be patient!


                                                                Berry Blush

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