Monday, October 31, 2011


                                     Hello there Beauts!
   First of all, I would love to wish all of you a Happy Halloween! Being that said, as in Malta we don't do trick or treating and the majority of the parties are in weekends, I celebrated Halloween with my friends on Friday at a party 'Free the Spirits' in Tattingers, Rabat. 

   As I did not really wanted to waste a lot of money on a costume that I was going to use once, I decided to buy some cuffed braces and a pair of nerdy glasses which were 3.50euros and 6.90euros respectively. The costume I created was of a Zombie Nerd. 

   This is the make up look I created - well I did not look like a zombie but all as well, it passes for Halloween, as you won't normally see a person wearing that make-up for an every day look! Haha

   The above photos are of some of us at the flat before going to the party and the others of some of us at the party! If you are wondering about those claws, well a friend of us decided to impersonate Wolverine.

   If some of you would love to know what make-up I used and the steps I took to finish that look just comment below and I would gladly post a blog for you on the make-up I created.

                                                                                           Berry Blush 

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