Sunday, October 02, 2011


                                     Hello there Beauts!
This morning, one of my girls, Naomi, and I went to Bugibba because it was a while since we met up. Ironically, we don't live very far from each other. By car to arrive from my home to hers there is only 10 minutes but the problem is that we don't really have time to meet up as she works in the mornings and I work in the evenings. Anyways, a costume jewellery shop that opened recently opposite the sea front and as I never checked out Ells, we went inside to see if something grabs our eyes. Searching through the shop, I found these lovely heart-shaped earrings and highwaisted belt. The good news was that everything was on a 50% sale and therefore I got the earrings for 2.49 euros and the belt for 6.99 euros - which were a real bargain!


                                                          Berry Blush

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