Wednesday, October 05, 2011


                                    Hello there Beauts!
   I know I have not been here frequently as I should but this week I have started school and I'm still adjusting to this new school and making new friends. It's also kind of hectic at the moment for me as I also have to adjust my routine of waking up early. I'm waking at 6am every day to catch the public transport for school as it takes me an hour and a half to arrive. I am not really a morning person so at the moment it is really difficult for me to wake up! haha

   Something about this school is that 'MCAST' stands for Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. At the moment I am attending the Institute of Business and Commerce and studying the course in Certificate for Medical Secretary. Basically, I am studying Business, Short hand, Bookkeeping and Accounts and other topics in this same sector. This is actually my first time I am studying on Business and Accounts so I hope that I do great in this course. 

   I actually took some photos with my Blackberry of some booklets that were handed to us and my timetable due that my camera broke down but now I have a problem with my USB! Urgghhh I hate IT when Technology devices stop working just the moment I need them! 

   Anyways, not to make this post more longer as it is, I found some really cute photos for you to enjoy seeing! 


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