Saturday, October 15, 2011


                                    Hello there Beauts!
   I am really SORRY for being a bad blogger lately but as I have told you in the previous post, I was really busy, tired all the time and at the moment I am sick! But today, I made it a point that as it is the weekend I find some spare time to blog. It does really feels good blogging again. When I decided to create a blog for myself, I really did not think that some amazing people would really want to follow my blog and although I don't have a lot of followers like other bloggers, I really love my followers and I hate to disappoint you! Therefore I'd love to tell you Thank you for following me! 

  Anyways, on today's post. Recently, I have hauled myself on some pair of shoes as I really needed new ones. This month's findings where a pair of Nike slippers from Urban Sports, a pair of furry boots with heels from Tip Toes and a military boots for Mc Bailey. From the latter shop, I also bought a pair of bronze earrings, that I have wanted to buy for a long time, as the previous bronze earrings that I owned broke. 

Mc Bailey Bronze Earrings - 5.99 euros

Mc Bailey Military Boots - 27.99euros

Nike slippers - on sale 48euros 

Tip Toes Furry Boots - 40 euros


                                                       Berry Blush


  1. i love the military boots :) x

  2. I'm in love with them too at the moment and they are very comfy! x x