Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Purchases

                                     Hello there Beauts!
   I'm sorry for turning into a bad blogger but I'm really busy during week days struggling with Assignments and studying for tests. Also I am not really buying any new stuff as I am on a really strict budget and saving up money! 

   But as I needed to buy a top coat and nail hardener, I also purchased 2 Rimmel nail polishes.

  • 605 Rimmel Purple Reign Nail polish - 2.84 euros
  • 825 Rimmel Sky High Nail polish - 2.84 euros 
  • Rimmel Nail Rescue - 5.08 euros 
                                   Now time for some updates!

   Long time ago, I had blogged about getting my licence and searching for a car. It took me  like 3 months to find the perfect one. Yesterday my parents came to pick me up at work and surprised me by coming with my new car - my dream car - Beetle! I am really happy and excited at the moment. I will take some photos for you!

   On another note I am soon going to splurge myself on New Look's clothes. To show her appreciation my friend gave me a 60 euros gift voucher from New Look. I really appreciated the gesture! I am also in need of some new winter clothes! 

   Lastly watch out for Barry M's Gold Foil review, photos on my new WV Beetle and post on my splurges at New Look. 

                                                                                          Berry Blush


  1. This sky high color is perfect! I'm using a lot of rimmel products, and I love it. Even though their nail lacquers doesn't last so much:D

  2. I like Rimmel products but to tell you the truth this is the first time that I bought any Rimmel Nail polishes.