Saturday, January 07, 2012

Navy Blue and Nothing To Do

                                               Hello there Beauts!
   I'm so sorry but I did not have time to photograph all the new stuff that I bought because some of them were in the washing basket and this Tuesday, I went back to school. I promise if not by tomorrow by next week, I would have photographed all the stuff and posted the blog. 

   A few weeks ago, after school I was fiddling around taking photos of myself and what I was wearing and thought I would upload them.

              First bracelet - bought over 2/3years ago from Accesorize
              Second bracelet - bought it over a yea ago from a stall during a concert
              Ice watch - a birthday present from my mum 

               Necklace - a present from 3 of my girlies 
               Knitwear jumper - bought recently from Next. (This is one of my new 
               purchases which you will see on my next post)

                                  Oh well, and a silly photo of myself :o) 

   Hope all is well and that you had a very nice New Year's! I loved the countdown at work, there was a really nice atmosphere, with the customers waving the sparklers that we gave them and clapping and cheering when the New Year came.

                                                                                                          Berry Blush

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